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More About the “Just for Me” Label Maker

Make labeling work in your classroom!
Effective labeling makes sense to children, connects print to meaning, and brings order to your learning environment. Note: It is important that connections between print and images are obvious to the children. Authentic labeling is NOT merely classroom decoration. The “Just for Me” Label Maker provides you with so many ways to enhance literacy, encourage independence, and help children become more secure and confident as they make choices and learn to manage their world.

Make labels for different uses!
• Label containers of smaller objects.

• Coordinate labels on containers with labels on shelving.

• Identify the centers / areas in your room that are familiar to children.

• Simplify organization of daily schedules and center time.

• Create attendance and “choice” charts.

• Help children learn to recognize their names.

• Designate personal space and belongings.

Make labels just the way you want!
Customize classroom signage to your curriculum: select images and then type in the captions you want to computer-print with these images. Or you may wish to print the labels without words. Then you can hand-letter your labels to reflect a particular alphabet. This gives you the flexibility to tailor signage to the needs of the children. It’s all up to you!

To learn more about labeling…
For more information about appropriate labeling in the classroom, download our FREE CLASSROOM LABELING GUIDE, a Staff Training Aid published by the Environments Professional Group.